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Meet Kristen Parkhill, YMCA Intergenerational Program Leader

We have a new addition to our team at the YMCA of Greater Saint John! Meet our Intergenerational Program Leader Kristen Parkhill. Kristen recently graduated from St. Thomas with a BA in gerontology, and she is excited to put her education to work as a summer student at the Saint John Regional Y and the ROTHESAY HIVE.

Her role as the Intergenerational Program Leader is to create opportunities for members to interact with people of other ages. A good example of this is the Intergenerational Gardening activity at the ROTHESAY HIVE where we invite preschool age children from Touchstone Academy to join us in the community garden.

Kristen believes that as our population continues to age it is becoming increasingly important to create programs and places to keep our older adults engaged in the community. She feels that “When older adults are able to actively participate in their community, regardless of their abilities, this allows them to live a healthier and happier life.” In her opinion, the ROTHESAY HIVE is the perfect addition to the community to address this need.

To get to know Kristen a little better we asked her to share a few fun facts about herself.

·        She used to live in Australia, working as an au pair

·        Giraffes are her favourite animal

·        She loves to watch Formula 1 racing

·        She looks up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

·        Her dream job is to become a geriatric physician

If you see Kristen around the Saint John Regional Y or the HIVE, stop by and say hello, she is looking forward to meeting members and creating a healthy community!