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Meet Danielle Hawkins, Coordinator at the ROTHESAY HIVE

If you have been to the new ROTHESAY HIVE, you have probably met Danielle. Her warm smile and welcoming personality brings the community together in this Age Friendly Centre. Danielle wears many hats at the HIVE; she plans the monthly activities calendar, takes care of all memberships, brews the coffee and actually runs most of the HIVE’s activities.

Having previously pursued a career in social work, Danielle felt the need to give back to the community and started on a new career path that led her straight to the YMCA.

Danielle says that her interest in working at the ROTHESAY HIVE is due to her upbringing. Having been raised by her grandparents in a rural town, she remembers that there were limited options of social programming for older adults. When Danielle saw the job posting for coordinator of the ROTHESAY HIVE she knew it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“Although I couldn’t help my grandparents, I wanted to take the opportunity to help other older adults who are in a similar situation, “she said.

Danielle truly believes that the ROTHESAY HIVE is a great addition to the community and she is so happy to be part of it. Having a dedicated place in the community for older adults to socialize, play games, exercise and grow contributes to the well-being of the whole community.

To get to know Danielle a little better we asked her to share a few fun facts about herself.

  • She has 4 cats.
  • Her favourite sport to watch is basketball. “Go Raptors!”
  • She has only ever flown on a plane once.
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • Her favourite meal is breakfast.

Next time you’re in the ROTHESAY HIVE, stop by and say hello! Danielle loves to chat and she can’t wait to see this new community grow!